December 29, 2006

day 15: dim sum

Photo a day from December 27, 2006.
(A little late, I know.)

dim sum

dim sum dim sum
The Chinese character for "heart" looks like a smiley face.

dim sum dim sum
Calamari ... fried tofu.

dim sum tea

dim sum dad
Shrimp dumpling ... Daddy!

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day 14

Photo of the day for December 26, 2006.

fiesta!Today was a break from 3 straight days of people and food.
I still slept at like 1 AM though.

fiesta CIMG5205
My stuffed dalmatian, who I named Fiesta ... and there are still tons of stuffed animals in my room. Aww.

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December 26, 2006

day 13: christmas!

Photos from Monday, December 25, 2006!

There was an overload of presents under the tree!

tree tree
Bridget spent the whole morning preparing for dinner.

Lights on!

tree dinner
Sushi for Christmas? Why not!

Me, Daddy, Bridget.

dinner dinner

dinner dinner
Which one looks better? Without blur ... with blur.

christmas ornament
When you're bored ... take pictures of Christmas ornaments.

ornament christmas ornament
christmas ornament christmas ornament
You can tell I like that frosty white snowflake one. I love the purple paisley one too - it's from Laura's mom!

Everyone's here! Yay for family dinners.

CIMG5168 CIMG5169
And an hour later ...

Cousins! Amanda, Linda, me, Jimmy.

Awww, the spirit of Christmas is in the air.

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day 12: christmas eve madness

Photo of the day for December 24.

We had Christmas Eve dinner at Auntie May's house.
L to R: Cousins me, Amanda, Linda.

church bulletin hollister
Special Christmas church service in the morning, then we went shopping! I got this striped sweater from Hollister.

big present jimmy
1. We arrived at Gu Ma's house and I helped Amanda and Linda wrap Amanda's huge gift to her parents -- a home theater system.
2. Cousin Jimmy!

grilled shrimp
Gu Ma made delicious grilled shrimp and we had a feast!
We cousins also played some Big Two.

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day 11: destination bay area

Photo of the day for Saturday, December 23.
I leave for the Bay Area today! Woot.
My plane was supposed to leave at 4:10 and I started packing at around 1:00 while at the same time watching the new Pride & Prejudice.

I love both versions. But I definitely think the actors in this one are better looking. Esp. Jane, Elizabeth, Miss Bingley and Mr. Bingley.

On our way to the airport ... Koffee and Kookie accompanied us.

koffee! airport
I ♥ Koffee ... and Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.

Yay for these awesome crosswalks.

amanda gu ma uncle ken dad uncle
We had a family dinner at 11 PM.

pork veggies
Chinese food! Pork and veggies.

My cousin Jimmy.
"Smile!" I said.
"I am smiling!"

Cousin Amanda!

Got home and saw our decked-out Christmas tree!

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