August 8, 2007

laura's birthday & fro-yo extravaganza

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.
Um, 8 months, in fact. Besides acknowledging the failure of my photo a day project, the truth is, pictures > no pictures.

Oh, SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) was amazing tonight.
I hope Danny …

… or Sabra (the girl) …

… wins! They’re both so good!

Anyway, back to the past. These photos are from August 3, 2007.


Laura, Neil & I had breakfast at the Hastings Ranch Corner Bakery.
I had a ham and cheddar panini. So good!

Then we tried to ghettofy in Whole Foods until one of the workers made us stop.

Skipped lunch for …


At the Four Seasons Tea Room in Sierra Madre.

We were surprising Laura for her birthday! This place is so, so frilly and girly, and unbelievably cute.

Kyle led in the oblivious Laura ...


Happiness all around!

It’s hard to be a manly man in a place like this. Props to the guys. :)

They brought us our tea, and our finger sandwiches. Pretty!
My one–year–old camera is slowly dying ... sometimes it likes to put lines in my pictures. :(

We had egg salad, chicken salad, cucumber–dill (I think), tomato basil, and cream cheese sandwiches.
Trust me, they were delicious.


I didn’t take pictures, but we also had freshly–baked scones with clotted cream and blackberry preserves,
and a plate of sugar cookies, lemon bars and mango cheesecakes.

Kyle and me!

Flash is mos def not our friend.

Need any more proof of this place’s girly–ness? I didn’t think so.

August 4, 2007.
Met up with Laura at Hamilton Park to taste my homemade frozen yogurt à la Pinkberry!

I brought blueberries, strawberries and mangoes.

It was freaking heaven.

In a tub, since neither of us had plastic bowls.

That's my “I’m so happy I could die” face.

We finished every last dollop <3


Lisa said...

mmhhmmm yummy foods!!!! and that fro yo looks amazing. good job!!!! haha neil looked a little uncomfortable at tea. funnyyyy. =)

-Lisa <3

Anonymous said...

ahh this is so great!
i love all of the pictures!!
the picture of all of us at the tea house is so cute!!

and i loved that frozen yogurt!! and of course i LOVED the tea!
and everything else.

<3 laura

laura said...

oh sorry. i chose anonymous in my last comment...i meant to click other.

Tiffany said...

ahaha no worries. ♥

Anonymous said...

wow. the sandwiches look really nice. lol.