January 30, 2008

mocha almond mousse torte

Breakfast 460

Toast with bananas, cottage cream, and peanut butter; veggie bun; navel orange

A.M. snacks 30

Trader Joe's sample -- some kind of sausage

Lunch 310

Lean Cuisine spinach and mushroom deep dish pizza

P.M. snacks 500

Raspberries with yogurt, ice cream sandwich, cashews

Huang ya cai (Chinese veggies) with gan bei (the. best. stuff. everr), cucumber salad

Dinner 500

We went to Mimi's Cafe (I'd never been there) and I had the petite filet mignon with pesto garlic butter -- so cute!

Late P.M. snacks 400

I made a mocha almond mousse torte for G-pa's birthday. Came out pretty yummy!
Oh, I also had a buttload of rocky road ice cream. Just FYI.

Total 2200

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January 29, 2008

cream puff overload

I made a full recipe for choux pastry (cream puff shells) and I have, like, 40 now. It's crazy.

Breakfast 340

Scrambled eggs, toast with banana slices, yogurt

A.M. snacks 120

Navel orange, baby carrots

Lunch 450

Lean Cuisine chicken garlic pizza, chicken breast, broccoli stir-fry

P.M. snacks 540

Joe-Joe ice cream sandwich, orange pulp, half an orange

Eclair filled with whipped cream, nian gao, soy glazed walnuts

Dinner 200

Steamed rice, chicken with onions

Stir-fried lettuce (SO much better than raw), mushroom soup

Dessert 600

Chocolate mousse, Fuji apple, ice cream sandwich

Total 2250
GOD am I stuffed. I am so done for tonight. ♥

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January 28, 2008

Tiff and Lisa's List of Super-Fine Men 2008

Black Man Version*
* If you are offended, please remove yourself from my blog. Thanks and much love! ♥

6 Denzel Washington

You are looking at one of the sexiest men on the planet. Seriously, y'all! This brotha is 53 -- 53 -- and he still looked sexy as hell in American Gangster, while at the same time oozing rawness out of every bad-ass pore. Trust me, that description was 100% accurate.

Denzel Washington can make any movie good -- no, Oscar-worthy. This man is one of the best actors in the United States right now. (Tom Hanks is somewhere up there, too, but that's another list.) He's been in 47 movies since he started acting and most of them are actually, like, really good. That ups the Fine Factor by an entire three points.

What's that, sister? You still need some convincing?

Oh, all right.

Them guns are monstrous.

5 J. Holiday

Hello, beautiful.

I have to admit, a large part of our little James's hotness comes from the fact that he is so damn sexy when he sings! His voice makes me melt into little puddles. (Don't imagine that.)

4 Tyrese

Tiff: Hmm, who should be Number Four on our List of Super-Fine Men?
Lis: How about Tyrese?
Tiff: Tyrese who?

Tiff: [Looks at picture she found on Google Image Search.] Oh. Without a single doubt, my good friend.

Although the actual conversation went a little differently, I'm sure you get the gist. Tyrese exudes sexy from every inch of skin.

He used to be a model, too. How could he not be on the List?

3 Will Smith

Will is another one of those men (like Number Six, Denzel) who has aged soo well. What is he, like almost 40?

He is still damn sexy. Just watch that pullup scene in I Am Legend. Or watch those apartment scenes in I, Robot a few times (or several). Rawr. Did you know Will Smith is something like the one male actor who consistently pulls in the highest-grossing opening weekends? More than Brad Pitt, more than Tom Cruise. Major props and plus one Fine Factor point.

And how can we forget Will in his good ole Fresh Prince days?

2 Chris Brown

Aww, our little Chris grew up. And so damn quickly too! Lis sent Tiff Chris's scene in This Christmas (which Tiff missed, and still needs to see), and we both agree that he, like Number Five J. Holiday, derives a lot of his hotness from his singing.

And if you would also like to have an epiphany like Tiff did when she realized Chris Brown was no longer "just sixteen" ...

Don't even try to argue with us. We don't see why you would, anyway -- look at those eyes. This man is frikking PERFECT. He is like a god on earth.

Need more proof? If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth something like a gazillion (or it would be if that darn Amerie would get out of the way):

See? We knew you'd agree with us. Chingy is all-around gorgeous and yes, super-fine. Plus his smile is just as hot as the rest of him. Thereforeeee we conclude that he deserves to win first place on Tiff and Lisa's List of Super-Fine Men 2008.

P.S. More Chingy appreciation follows. This video is chock-full of beautiful people -- don't miss it.

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Breakfast 350

Scrambled eggs, peanut butter-banana sandwich, navel orange

A.M. snacks 300

Soy milk, cabbage and tomato stir-fry, banana sandwich

Lemon tea scone with blueberry preserves

Lunch 200

Roasted tomato and garlic soup, hong sao chicken breast, navel orange

P.M. snacks 500

Butter pecan, rocky road, and cookies and cream ice creams; vanilla caramel ice cream cone

Baby carrots, Chinese dried plum, steamed pork and egg -- Chinese meatloaf?

Lemon tea scone with jam and cream (mmm), hong sao chicken

Dinner 340

Gai lan (Chinese broccoli), rou bing zhen dan, soup with tomatoes, tofu and green onion

Rice, hong sao ji with chestnuts, potato salad

Late P.M. snacks 440

Miniature tiramisu!

Grandma's nian gao (came out more like new year's muffins), carrot cake

Total 2130

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