March 31, 2008

let me check your nails

Breakfast 650

Reese's Puffs with milk, navel orange, frozen raspberries sprinkled with sugar

Trail mix (cranberries, cashews, almonds), pear

A.M. snacks 370

Chocolate-covered almonds and cashews

Red bean paste bun, meatballs in marinara (Trader Joe's sample)

Lunch 200

Russian cabbage soup, Chinese grandma-style

Early P.M. snacks 240

Frozen banana with chunky peanut butter (mmm), navel orange

Dinner 400

Meatless meatballs (from Trader Joe's!) in marinara with onions, bell peppers and oregano; sautéed baby bok choy (qing cai)

Sautéed celery with baked tofu, pan-fried gao (my grandma's rice-flour version of griddle cakes)

Post-dinner snacks 240

Chocolate covered blueberries, Asian pear, frozen banana

Total 2100
Workout - None / Eating after 8 - No

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March 30, 2008

i love baths

Breakfast 370

Pear, yogurt with frozen banana slices, strawberries royale (frozen strawberries drizzled with milk and sprinkled with sugar)

Raw sugar snap peas, carrots

Lunch 500

Nian gao, sautéed romaine lettuce

+ +
Rice noodles plus chicken plus peanut butter


Chung you mian (mixed noodles)

Early P.M. snacks 400

Banana soymilk ice cream, vanilla bean Joe-Joe

Lots and lots of ice cream

Steamed tilapia with soy sauce

Dinner 460

Zui ji (drunken chicken), sautéed celery with baked tofu, sautéed sugar snap peas with chicken

Edamame with pork and preserved veggies, Russian cabbage soup

Post-dinner snacks 120

Navel orange, dark chocolate

Total 1850
Workout - None / Eating after 8 - Veggies

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March 29, 2008

eaton canyon

Breakfast 520

Reese's Puffs with milk

Cinnamon raisin toast with blueberry preserves, grapefruit

A.M. snacks 50

Orange pulp

Lunch 400

Roasted turkey soup with cabbage, peas, carrots and potatoes; sautéed asparagus; sautéed jie cai; zacai roupian cao maodou (edamame sautéed with pork and preserved veggies)

Nian gao with walnuts, Asian pears

Early P.M. snacks 200

York peppermint patty

Frozen hot chocolate with mint (I like eating it with a spoon. Bite me), rice with milk and sugar (my childhood version of rice pudding)

Dinner 360

Lunch leftovers

Pork sung and rice porridge. A match made in heaven.

Post-dinner snacks 270

Chocolate covered frozen banana, chocolate calcium chew, cocoa crisp

Post-8 [120]


Total 1800
Workout - Hiking in Eaton Canyon with Mom, Kookie and Mike / Eating after 8 - **

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