December 21, 2006

day 8: jumping tiff and jill

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Pictures from yesterday, December 20, 2006.
Oh, and there are so many that it's pretty much an official photos post.
This Wednesday before the last day of school before Christmas break was amazing.

We learned stuff for like 5 minutes in Chem then we took jumping pictures.
L to R: Jill, me

monster hat jill
When I got to big homeroom (every Wednesday) I was greeted by Jill and her monster beanie/hat.
It's so cute and I ♥ it!

crane+plane crane + plane
I had a cough so I was eating so many cough drops.
Then I made cranes and planes with the cough drop wrappers.

mr. herroon!
We learned about formal charges in Chem first period.

Then Jill and me decided to take pictures.

jumping jumping
Jumping is fun but I can't seem to get out of old cheer habits (e.g. cheer arms).

jumping tiff and jill jumping
jumping jumping
I love the first one because Jill is attacking the camera. And I love that last one because my hair is crazy everywhere.

balloons balloons
At nutrition we saw balloons from a precalc project (they had to creatively measure the height of a pole or something).

CIMG4945 CIMG4946
I ♥ Amira ... and my hair is EVERYWHERE in that pic of Lisa and Me.

CIMG4947 CIMG4948
Sun ... too ... bright ...

CIMG4951 CIMG4953
I think the triple threat of Daniel's
1. reindeer costume,
2. Martin Van Buren is #1 shirt,
and 3. being Vanna during Jeopardy
is the most amazing thing to happen to man.

In Laura's car on the way to Don Benito to tutor little kids!
I tried to do a twisty thing with my hair but it kind of failed.

CIMG4956 CIMG4957
My third graders are SO cute.
After a class party one of them gave me her leftover Danish butter cookies.
Yum! And the tin was the most adorable ever.

Then I followed Laura to her fencing lesson @ Fortune Fencing and read Time Magazine while I waited.

CIMG4962 flowers
On the desk were these gorgeous, gorgeous flowers.

flowers flowers
Orchids? Lilies? Daisies? Who knows? Not me.

Laura's mom dropped me off back at school and I stayed until the music concert!

Awesome chorus people! Me, Willie, Yuko.

music concert krissy + me
Me, Willie, Yuko, Krissy, me.

CIMG4980 orchestra
Nitya, me, orchestra.
Oh, the orchestra was fantasgasmic.
They played some classical pieces ... and then Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy! Yay!

Our lovely little chorus.
Here we're singing a Charlie Brown Christmas medley with the eighth grade girls chorus.
They're so cute ... they sang "O Christmas Tree."

chorus chorus
We (the older girls) sang a jazzy version of the same tune, then a quartet sang Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, then we all sang Christmastime is Here, then a vocal version of Linus and Lucy.

chorus chorus
Mr. Hill felt the need to introduce Momiji (a Japanese song about autumn leaves).
It was a pretty song. But halfway through I had a coughing fit and I had to sneak quietly offstage.

But everyone else was just as good. They finished with Snowfall, Edelweiss, Frosty the Snowman, Hanukkah Wish, and Holly Jolly Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

in the picture with ur hair, you can see my arms and my hair or soemthing since im sitting in front of u haha. and, chyeahh, yeah, those flowers definitely look like they're from fencing haha.

and, im pretty much in love with those pictures of u and jill hahaha.