June 20, 2006

a happy happy birthday


at the jewel city bowl in glendale on a saturday night.
happy sweet sixteen kari!

i get there at 7:30 pm and see a bunch of my favorite people. ever.
from left: evan's back, lauren, kyle, kyong (standing), and denny (his hand, anyway).

we started bowling.
jill, me, brandon (kari's lil brother), and the birthday girl herself were on a team.
lauren, kyle, denny and kyong were on another team.
later came joey, evan, and xander. they were on a team.
a few people came even later.

guess who was one of the late people? yep, miss jen sese right here.
she's angry because she hates bowling (or so she said. it's really just because she bowled a 0 or something.)
(jen, you know i love you.)

then they turned down the lights and turned up the neon! everything was glowy.

1. jill is an expert bowler. here she is getting ready.
2. coming back from a good bowl. neon orange and yellow shoes!

1. jill likes taking pictures on my camera.
2. isn't it cool?? i have a best shot mode where i can turn off the flash and still take pictures even though it's really dark.

here is the bowling alley in my cool dim light mode.
on my camera it's called High Sensitivity.
pretty lights yes =)

no pictures because we were all too busy eating it.
if you look carefully in the below 3 pictures you can see clues of the food.
buffalo wings, quesadillas, nachos and PIZZA!

am i:
looking at the scoreboard
trying to figure out how to roll my next strike?
you'll never know!

waiting for their turn.
from left: my back, joey's head, lauren, evan (standing), kyle, kyong (standing)

what, jen, you're mad again?

then we take close-ups with flash.
1. jen.
2. me.
and ....
3. jill.

go, evan, go! we know that's going to be a strike. right?

it's a bird! it's a plane! no, it's just some cups.
kyle, lauren, xander.

jill! you took a picture of me bowling!
i should destroy the evidence. but no ... i'll post it on my blog.

let's check the scoreboard and se how we all are doing.
KARI (miss i-am-sixteen) bowled a 128! high score of the night.
lauren came in second place with a 107 (or 108).

the lei? yes, it's from me!
jill & kari.

me and jill.
ahahahah, jill is funny.

now ... time for the BIRTHDAY CAKE!
yes i know you all are excited but please hold your screams until after you comment (hint, hint).

everyone gathers up top for the Candle Blowing and Cake Slicing ceremonies.

hi kari! you have the coolest cake ever.

1. make a wish!
2. making sure both candles are out.

the Cutting of the Cake.
it's in the shape of a sea world dolphin show.
it even had a little dolphin!

while we wait for the cake kyong talks and kari ... what's she doing?


let them eat cake!
it was very very good.
1. me.
2. kyle.
3. lauren.
pictures taken by jill t.

so this bowling alley had, like, really hi-tech screens.
it would tell you how to roll the ball so you could hit all the pins.
usually it told you to roll it down the middle ...
but still.

chrissy came! fresh off the plane from the bahamas.
she is tan-tan-a-roo. not that it's a bad thing.

funky colored bowling balls.
purple = usually medium or small
blue = usually medium or large.
orange = ???

halfway through our second or third game ...
jill is kicking all of our buttocks right now.
but kari is going to catch up. do you see that strike?
brandon is pretty good too.
me and jen really suck. i am bad at bowling.

it's very good cake.

yay more bowling!
1. chrissy & kyle.
2. from left: kyle (blurry), kari (standing), chrissy, evan and xander.
we're a happy bunch.

but it's 10 o'clock and time to go home.

see you soon!

♥ yours truly


Skye said...

That's a really really crazy cake.

YAY for bowling!

P.S. happy birthday kari

Anonymous said...

HEY TIFF!!! You're wearing THE skirt!!! I have the same one! haha. go us. hope bowling was fun!!! happy birthday kari! mwah! ttyl


jill said...