June 19, 2006

snapshots of summer

mood: mood:spiffy

It's summer.

Here's a typical day:

9:00 AM. I wake up to either Koffee and Kookie licking me in the face or my annoying cell phone alarm.

9:30 AM. I roll out of bed and go upstairs to brush my teeth and wash my face.
My pajamas are so comfy. Why should I change?

Breakfast. Whatever's in the fridge. Cereal maybe.

I eat lots of fruit. Strawberries are good. I wash and cut them in half so they're pretty.

I'll probably watch a movie on the computer. I've seen:

At around 12 or so I'll eat lunch.

Then I waste time playing with my dogs.

Or not.

I've started taking driving lessons! Yay!

I'm going outside to wait for my instructor.
My mom's worried about me getting kidnapped so she comes with me.


Pretty trees. What kind is it? The shady kind.
Nice shade too.

They're very sittable. Doesn't that nook look perfect?
I would sit but I'm wearing a skirt.

My car is here!

I sometimes go visit Grandma and Grandpa.

I like this sign: Animal House.

Could the antenna be a lightning rod?
I don't know what a lightning rod really is.

Me and Grandpa are cool.
We watch TV a lot.

Notice the blue light of the television?
We love that light.

Did you know?
Monrovia has a street fair and farmers' market!

They have the coolest earrings.
Psst! Don't tell, but I got those big round gold ones in the second row for Kari's birthday.

When I get home I am fascinated by my lamp ...

... and its curvy shadows!

Then I get ready for bed. Koffee sleeps earlier than I do.

Here he is in his favorite spot under the bed.

I put my camera on self-timer x3. That means after 10 seconds my camera will take 3 pictures 2 seconds apart.

Come back tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

hey tiff!! haven't seen you in a while =(. school's over for you already? aawwww.. i have finnallsss.. well, maybe over the summer, we can hang out!! and bring me to that cool place with the pretty earings!! yay! wow. you take awesome pictures. i love you!!

-melody [the coolest and awesomest friend ever!!]

Tiffany said...

yes! we definitely have to hang out. after finals though.

chrissy! said...

tiff!!!! i love your doggies!!! sooo cute! hmm...i should get a blog..thing...but then my mom would be upset cuz she thinks i will talk to predators or something....ai yi yi...oh well. we must get together!!! muah luv you

Tiffany said...

predators! hahah. oh no!

jill said...

tiff! how fun! i need to document my day one of these days... oh well. one day.

Tiffany said...

tomorrow or the day after i will check your blog and see if you really did =]

neil said...

Haiku #2

Waking up to her dogs' licks
Tiffany is now driving
Zooooooming here and there!

Just don't eat and drive at the sametime tiff :)

keep having a smashing summer

Anonymous said...



i heart ur dogs..they are sooo C-U-T-E!!!!

<33 Kari

Skye said...

The strawberries look yummy.

I miss you tiff!!!

Tiffany said...

i miss you too skye!