June 28, 2006

there goes june!

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it's already june 28! only two months left of summer.
but they'll be fun i'm sure. =)

i'm taking swimming lessons! they start on monday.

i hope you like pictures, because i've got a bundle from yesterday!

good morning sunshine!
am i even awake?

wow, it's early!
p.s. the background is kookie. some people can't tell what it is (like my mom).

1. daily dose of dog (no more i promise). =]
2. it's ear-lickin' good! weird ...

good morning ceiling.

my summer reading is sitting on my dining table untouched.

going out!
where? you'll see.

i picked up the mail on my way out.
look, i have a letter! it's from the camp i'm going to this summer.

all the way from sacramento!
wait. it says sacramento AND el dorado hills.
i'm confused.

here we are!

just kidding.

i have to go take a blood test.
i didn't have any breakfast because if i eat i'll have high cholesterol or something.

it was in this building.

oh no! i forgot the sheet that my doctor gave me. without it i can't take the blood test. boo me!
and my house is so far too. see the 76 gas station ball? that's where it is.

sad no more! asi es la vida, what are you gonna do?

hello, 76 gas station ball!
it's a turn-y one.

i retrieved the sheet ...

and walked back.

look, they have kimwipes like in the bio lab!

post-blood test.

i made a daisy chain with these.

when i got home i worked on a new blog layout. strawberry lemonade!

1/2 gallon water bottle ... almost finished!
it's icy cold, just the way i like it.

time for a shower!

my camera got foggy.

camera fog
mirror fog

super fog.

going upstairs to change.

it's almost 4 already! time to go job hunting.

i love my burt's bees lip balm.

but because
1. i went the wrong direction twice, and
2. it was hot out,
i got a ride from a friend.

where are we?

i saw a strange ad.

i then went job hunting and filled out like 384273840273 applications.

then, food!

yay for chinese fast food.

my mom took me to the mall to buy a swimsuit.
i ended up getting one at sport chalet!

i like it.

we got the new issue of cooking light!

good night!