June 10, 2006

san diego

So for Memorial Day weekend Mom and I decided to go car camping in the woods of San Diego.

But first we visit the post office to pick up mail.

And we see this sign:

To Our Customers:
Is not FREE.
We Sell Tape.
Thank You.

After that we get in the car and begin our journey.
Only 2 1/2 hours till San Diego!

Koffee and Kookie come with us.

2. Koffee, don't tell me you're tired already. =)
(Did you yawn when you saw that? I definitely yawn every time I see someone else yawn. YAWN!)

1. After his yawn Koffee is happy.
He's ready for a nap now.
2. Kookie joins him. It's a nap-a-thon!

As we drive of course we see some lovely mountain scenery.
Because we are in the middle of NOWHERE!

1. Mountain.
2. Winding road. With mountains. Yay!

Kookie likes looking out the window too!
Or maybe she just likes the wind.

More mountain scenery: this sign.
What does it mean?
Cow crossing?
Oh, the mysteries of life.

1. Driving, driving.
The sky is pretty.
Different colors because I did something stupid in Photoshop.
But still pretty. =]

Is it ... the Cleveland National Forest sign?
We are nearly there!!!
After about 359378 hours of driving.

I see trees! We must be in the wilderness.

My mom is excited too.
So is Kookie.


(Not really. We camped. We put up our yellow and blue tent.
We needed help putting up our yellow and blue tent.
We ate dinner.
Next morning: Drove back! Yay!)