June 10, 2006

where beith the mall?

(as an answer to the question above, 'where beith the mall?')

me and lisa had a fun fun time today at the mall.
we both went over our budgets.
i mean, how can you expect two girls to stay under budget at a MALL?

first i pick lisa up from her house.
unfortunately we must go back to my house because i forgot to get the stuff i had to return to pacsun.
boo me.

here we are in the car.

lisa is fascinated by my green pig.

i am fascinated by her tiny sprite can.
you can't see the bottom of the can but it's one of those tiny ones, i promise.

lisa tells me that nordstrom is having their
so of course our first stop is nordstrom.

i wasn't in lisa's fitting room so no pictures of her clothes.
you get to see me instead.
1. this is such a cute top. it's actually pink. but it wasn't on sale.
2. i really liked this top too. but it wasn't on sale.

our next stop was forever 21.

they had this cute trench/dress-type thing.
but then lisa was like, "are we in new york or something?"
sadly people do not often wear these here on the west coast.

my fitting room.
left: white little house on the prairie under-dress.
it even has a corset-thing.
right: green puffy strapless polka dot button dress.
looks a lot better on a mannequin than on a person.
yes, lisa tried those both on too ♥.

vot? is dat a red and blue skirt?
yes, i think it is!

then we go to OLD NAVY!

inside the old navy cork-y fitting rooms.
we match! do we not?
yay purple boxers!

we study our photos.

next matching item is the beige skirt!

lisa is so excited that she has to get out her own camera too.

lisa is such a good girl.
she re-clips all the clothes after she tries them on.

go, go, go, lisa!!

we then try on matching white shorts.
(and ended up buying them!)
yess thumb-in-the-belt-hole.

we check to see that the pants are flattering to our butts.

where do we go next? why, american eagle!

1. i love their 'boyfriend' jeans!
but i didn't go to the mall for jeans so i didn't buy them.
2. butt-check.

next is a classic surfer boy short in a girl fit.

finally, we return to NORDSTROM!

we had a new challenge this time.
we had to pick out outfits for each other!

lisa got me jeans and a grey top.
i got her a jean skirt and a cutecutecute purple top!!
1. see how cute!
2. and a butt check.

outfits number two.
1. sorry about the skirt, lisa. i didn't know it was like a XXXXXXXXL.
2. but the green top you picked out was a little loose around the chest area.
but still cute.

lisa's mom came to take us home at 3:00.

while we were going to my house lisa was having fun taking pictures with my camera.

we compared our matching skirts from forever 21.



Anonymous said...

HEY HEY HEY! it's Kari!

haha. i luv u 2!!!! that was awesome!

..u have NO idea how entertained i was looking at ur pics...



<33 Kari

Skye said...

I luvluvluv your clothes. And yes, like kari, THE BUTT CHECK! hahaha