June 9, 2006

the hottest six seven

1 and 4 are the most current.
i was obsessed with 3, 4, 5 and 6 when the movies were out.

p.s. have you ever noticed that some people look better in movies than in real life?

1. ben foster as angel

ohhhhh gosh. this scene in x-men when his wings open ...
[puffy jacket! eee.]

EDIT: how could i have forgotten him?!?

2. jensen ackles


3. james franco as tristan

4. chris pine as jake

yes, he's actually really cute.

5. johnny depp as captain jack sparrow

oh my gosh. below is him without the makeup.

6. chris evans as johnny

7. hayden christensen as anakin

obviously there are more and i'll add them when i remember.
did i leave anyone out? comment!