April 5, 2008

feeling thrifty

Breakfast 350

Creamy oatmeal with blueberries

Roasted and sugared walnuts, ginger tea with strawberries and vanilla yogurt dip

Lunch 430

Chicken curry and shrimp

Fresh pineapple

Early P.M. snacks 280
Costco samples!

Mixed nuts, trail mix bar, Nutri-grain bar

Corn dog, sautéed wild mushrooms, stuffed zucchini

Multi-grain cracker with Brie, jalapeño cheese quesadilla with Mexican cream, pancake with maple syrup

Dinner 500

Braised daikon, pickled cucumber, tea eggs, pork sung

Hot and sour soup, sesame mixed tofu, rice porridge (I'm kind of getting deja vu)

Post-dinner snacks 430

Mini cheesecake

Post-8 [300]

Fresh pineapple, walnuts, Bartlett pear, navel orange

Total 1990
Workout - First 25 minutes of Power Sculpt. I am burnt out on DVDs / Eating after 8 - Yes


Wangbu said...

What a wonderful wonderful blog! I am happy to visit here.

Amira said...

sweet mini cheesecake pic - love the chocolate syrup design, mmm.