April 3, 2008

murrieta hot springs

Wednesday, March 2

Breakfast 240

I got a blood test today, which means I couldn't eat till afterwards. So I brought breakfast with me: a BBQ pork bun and a tea egg.

A.M. snacks 400

Melted chocolate and almonds (from making chocolate-covered almonds and blueberries), orange pulp (from making fresh squeezed OJ)

Lunch 300

Seafood soup, vegetable soup

Pork lettuce wraps
Always: rice

Early P.M. snacks 400

Pre-leaving for Murrieta: frozen banana with whipped peanut butter, soybean butter (Trader Joe's), the rest of the lettuce wraps

Post-arrival at Murrieta: walnuts, cashews, dark chocolate with almonds; navel orange

Dinner 600

So our family has this tradition where we always go out to fast food whenever we take a road trip or vay-kay, since we never have fast food otherwise. Tonight we had Wendy's!
Single with everything, fries, vanilla Frosty

Post-dinner snacks 200

Another orange and all these random snacks my grandma brought (nuts, tea eggs, etc.)

Total 2140
Workout - Um ... soaking in hot springs? Taking a walk? / Eating after 8 - Yes

Thursday, March 3

Breakfast 500

Official "breakfast": tea egg and pear

Post-breakfast "breakfast": walnuts, cashews, chocolate with almonds, chocolate biscuit things

A.M. snacks 120

Stopped by the Lake Elsinore Outlets on our way back to L.A.
Samples: mint chocolate fudge from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and almond glazed pretzel from Wetzel's Pretzels

Lunch 400

Second fast food pit stop: Carl's Jr.
Charbroiled BBQ chicken sandwich, fries

Early P.M. snacks 120

Soybean butter, tea egg, eggplant salad

Dinner 500

Braised daikon radish with green onions

Zhacai (Szechuan-style spicy preserved vegetables), pork sung ...

... Chinese sausage, pickled cucumbers ...

... and rice porridge. After a tough trip of "only" American food, Grandma needs to make sure we get our fill of simple Chinese comfort food.

Post-dinner snacks 650

Pear, napa cabbage and glass noodle soup, navel orange

Post-8 [350]

Mini cheesecake, apple chips, (not pictured) Wheat Thins with Laughing Cow Swiss, orange

Total 2290
Workout - Tomorrow I'm going to do the Shiva Rea workout / Eating after 8 - Yes


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