April 6, 2008

koffee has it easy

Breakfast 450

Oatmeal with chopped almonds and sliced strawberries; yogurt-dipped strawberries; walnuts

Lunch 450

Hu bao dan (fried egg over easy), chicken curry with rice, veggie burger

Early P.M. snacks 400

Fuji apple, Wasa cracker with cottage cheese and blueberry preserves, walnuts

Cinnamon Puffins, applesauce

Dinner 350

Beets, sautéed onions with carrots and bell peppers

Spinach stir-fry, squash stir-fry, sausage

Post-dinner snacks 300

Fresh pineapple, chocolate cupcake in an ice cream cone

Total 1950
Went hiking with Mom and the dogs in Eaton Canyon. She had just taken a Benadryl so she was all drowsy, lol.
I canNOT believe spring break is over. I think I've forgotten how to do homework. And how to go to school.