April 4, 2008

left on hyland

Breakfast/brunch 1000

Sautéed romaine, pan-fried daikon cake, sesame-eggplant salad

English muffin with strawberry preserves, soymilk sorbet, tea egg

Cocoa Puffs with milk, rice pudding, chocolate chip cookie

Early P.M. snacks 270

Shredded pork with crinkle cut potatoes (Trader Joe's sample), melted milk chocolate from making chocolate-coated espresso beans

Mini-cheesecake, fresh pineapple

Dinner 450

Rice, gai-lan, garlic BBQ pork

Caramelized onions with mushrooms, mapo tofu

Hongsao xia (ginger-soy shrimp), hot and sour soup

Post-dinner snacks 200

Mango, sliced strawberries with coconut yogurt dip

Post-8 grazing 250

Blueberries, tea egg

Yellow bell pepper with yogurt-chive dip, steamed broccoli, walnuts and almonds

Total 2170
Workout - 10 Minute Solutions: Belly Fat Blaster (40 min) / Eating after 8 - Mucho


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