April 7, 2008

you seem very personable

Breakfast 350

Oatmeal with walnuts and cinnamon, almond milk, pear (not pictured)

A.M. snacks 100


Lunch 540

Enchilada from Trader Joe's

Chocolate covered espresso beans, navel orange

Dinner 400

Broccoli, rou bing zhen dan (steamed pork with egg ... god, Chinese dishes need to get more attractive names)

Cucumber salad (liang ban huang gua); mao dou chao ji he dou fu (edamame stir-fried with chicken and tofu); tofu, wood ear mushroom and bamboo shoot soup

Post-dinner snacks 300

Strawberry ice cream (tofu)

Navel orange, dark chocolate with almonds (Trader Joe's), chocolate calcium chew

Later ... 200

Fuji apple slices, pumpkin pie mix on a cracker (MMM!), brownie muffin

Total 1890
So Neil's mad at me, I'm getting fat, Andrew's being a total dick to Mira and me, and I'm not psyched for Prom. Oh, and I still don't have a boyfriend. Nicee.
Anything else? Right, I didn't get into any Ivy Leagues, so I fail. I've given up on homework, and I have an essay to write on Slaughterhouse Five.
On the bright side, my dogs are cute. Especially Koffee, who's taken over a corner of my bed. Plus, I'm looking for a job, which will be nice.