April 1, 2008

river crossing

Breakfast/A.M. snacks 340

Pear, trail mix (cashews, cranberries, almonds, chocolate chips)

Lunch 1000
After hiking, Laura, Magnus and I went to

Miso soup, edamame

Teriyaki chicken and shrimp and vegetable tempura combo meal (the "Ninja Deluxe," hee), spicy tuna roll

Spider roll, California roll

Tempura ice cream (red bean)

Early P.M. snacks 200

Chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate biscuits, egg salad sandwich

Dinner 450

Pork lettuce wraps, rice porridge

Shrimp, peppered crab

Meatless meatbals in marinara, seafood stew

Post-dinner snacks 150

Frozen banana with whipped chunky peanut butter, frozen raspbarries

Total 2140
Workout - Hiking in Eaton Canyon / Eating after 8 - No