April 10, 2008

henry iv, part i

April 10

Breakfast 350

Egg over easy, vanilla almond oatmeal

Sugar snap peas, dark chocolate

A.M. snacks 130

Vanilla Joe-Joes

Lunch 450

Something something noodles, orange

Early P.M. snacks 100

Chinese bakery sponge cake

Dinner 500

Rice porridge, steamed tilapia

Brussels sprouts, tomato-onion-egg stir-fry

Cucumber salad with garlic, pork meatballs

Post-dinner snacks 500

Bartlett pear, bananas and chocolate

Fudge bar, more Chinese bakery cake, frozen banana

Total 2030
Watched Henry IV at A Noise Within in Glendale. It was great -- and Hotspur was truly hot. Buff as hell. Rawr.

April 11

Breakfast 350

Cinnamon-banana oatmeal

Sweet potato, veggie leftovers

A.M. snacks 170

Cinnamon Puffins, dark chocolate

Lunch 600

Chicken Basil panini

Pizza (from Collective), navel orange

Early P.M. snacks 150

Extreme Mocha from Coffee Bean (I'm so not going to sleep tonight)

Dinner 400

Cucumber salad, tofu and edamame stir-fry

Kong xing cai (open-heart vegetable), brussels sprouts, fava bean mash

Roasted duck, seafood soup

Post-dinner snacks 200

Frozen banana, Taiwanese snack cake (filled with seaweed and black sesame paste -- interesting but good), cinnamon-sugar Wasa chips

Total 1870
I am not gonna be able to keep this photo thing up for much longer. I need to take a break from my camera.