December 26, 2007

after-christmas sales!

Brunch 330

Fiber One honey clusters, grapefruit

Tea egg, lotus seed bun

Afternoon snack 40


Lunch/dinner 400

Vietnamese chicken noodle soup

Evening snacks 420

Split a Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae with my parents -- it was SO freaking good. How is ice cream allowed to be this delicious?! Especially in the winter?!
Caramel calcium chew

Dinner/supper 400

Sou si chicken, sea bass

Chicken, bai cai (napa cabbage) and shen gua soup

Post-dinner munchies 80

Fuji apple

Total 1670


Lisa said...

hahaha that can NOT be all u ate that day! im sure u snuck in some chocolate huh? jkkk. mhmm everything looks really yummy. and i'm guessing "sou si" chicken is vegetarian chicken? like its not real chicken?

Tiffany said...

'sou si' chicken is hand torn chicken with spices and stuff. i'm sure you've had it before ... it's soo chinese. lol. i ♥ you for commenting!