December 19, 2007

mr. santa

Breakfast 300

Creamy banana-cinnamon oatmeal

Morning snacks 180

Fuji apple, mini candy cane, harvest cheddar Sunchips

Sugar cookie with vanilla frosting and sprinkles, Christmas M&Ms

Lunch 320

Lean Cuisine Swedish meatballs, clementine

Afternoon snacks 450

Leo Club gigantic chocolate cupcakes with fudge frosting, Neil's cheesecake with chocolate ganache

Fresh baby carrots, sweetened vanilla chai tea

Dinner 370

Subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich

Post-dinner munchies 180

Frosted sugar cookie with green tea, fresh blueberries, more green tea with honey and lemon

Cashews, fresh pineapple

Total 1800
Tiff needs to exercise more self-control. Especially around the holidays.
She's gonna have an omelet tomorrow morning.