December 27, 2007

nordstrom rack

I got the cutest heels today at Nordstrom Rack: black Guess peep-toe pumps and silver BCBG pointy pumps.

Breakfast 550

Lotus seed paste bun, Fiber One honey clusters with milk, tea egg

Roasted Korean chestnut, half a pineapple bun, See's peanut-chocolate cluster

Lunch 300

Quizno's green chile chicken soup with Saltines

Afternoon snacks 100

Fei ju (pork), sea bass

Dinner 700

Lean pork and century egg congee (I love this stuff), Chinese vegetables, roasted butternut squash, garlicky eggplant with olive oil, silver fish omelet

Late night snacks 120

Fuji apple, clementine

Total 1770
I should really stay under 1680. Actually, I should aim for 1430 and hope that I stay under 1680.
But it's not gonna happen if we keep See's Candies in the house. Urgh.