December 26, 2007

merry merry christmas!

Food from yesterday, December 25.

Breakfast 260

Two bowls of Fiber One honey clusters and milk, Fuji apple

Lunch 250

A sip of Linda's Coke with Lemon (kind of gross), century egg and lean pork congee, curry noodle stir-fry

Hong Kong-style pan-fried crispy noodles with vegetables and shrimp, xian xia (shrimp) wonton, THE best clams

Afternoon snacks 200

See's Candies dark chocolate almond cluster (their chocolate is a lot creamier than Trader Joe's), lots of peppermint bark, clementine

Dinner 700
We had a potluck!

Top to bottom: sou shi chicken, seaweed salad, san gu ma's platter with roast beef, white asparagus, seaweed and shrimp, si buo buo's shi gua and gan bei (dried scallops), garlicky napa cabbage, sea bass (the stuff of legends), fei zu (fatty pork)

Post-dinner munchies 400

Clementines, huge Korean chestnut, fire-roasted purple yams (got super toasted on the outside, but still honey-sweet in the middle)

Tea eggs, quarter of a grapefruit

Total 1810