December 14, 2007

i want to see i am legend

Breakfast 300

Omelet with salsa, toast with peanut butter and banana (if you haven't tried it, you must)

Lunch 330

Lean Cuisine macaroni and beef, half a navel orange, McDonald's french fry

Afternoon snacks 220

Pecan ball from Jill, Gala apple, stir-fried edamame

Dinner 300

Omelet with salsa (yes, I had another one), some Chinese vegetable leftover from last night

Stir-fried edamame, clear chicken soup with chicken and rice

Post-dinner munchies 220

Homemade tiramisu, fresh pineapple

Total 1400


evilevilevil said...

haha, one french fry isn't going to make a difference :P

the omelette looks so good - I wish I could have had that...