December 18, 2007

i don't see what's the big deal

... about me getting extra recommendations from Ms. Madsen. I mean, if she doesn't mind, why should it matter?

Breakfast 250

Whole grain Cheerios with blueberries, green tea with honey and lemon (cuz my throat was not so happy this morning), carrot cake muffin with cream cheese frosting (so dense and delicious)

Morning snacks 50

Fuji apple

Lunch 440

Lean Cuisine grilled chicken primavera, grapes

Brownie, a few bites of Laurie's Oriental chow mein and fried rice

Dinner 450

Shanghainese dishes. Marinated daikon (so, so good), Chinese sausage, stir fried preserved daikon and edamame

Broccoli and carrots, Grandma's borscht, borscht with rice

Post-dinner noshing 620

I had more than this, even. Leftover dark chocolate, coconut macaroons, brownie

Um. Just polished off a quarter of a pan of brownies. Go me!

Total 1810
I really, really should try to keep it around 1400. Mission: be more diligent with picture-taking.