December 10, 2007

food logging!

Just for fun, I'm gonna start taking pictures of everything I eat. And that means everything! Yum.

Breakfast 250

Pumpkin spice oatmeal, sesame-walnut streusel

Morning snacks 210

Garlic herb chicken, peanut butter Fiber One bar, Hershey's Special Dark

Lunch 350

Lean Cuisine three cheese stuffed rigatoni, navel orange

Afternoon snack 10

Some kind of marinated Asian radish-y thing

Dinner 300

Radish/chicken, cauliflower, rice

Had a plate of food, some soup, then finished off the cauliflower.

Post-dinner munchies 400

Fresh pineapple, honey-glazed walnuts, skinny slice of homemade strawberry cheesecake (not my best)

Another slice of cheesecake, sweet persimmons, candy cane Joe-Joe

Total 1520
Not too bad, considering I had more food after dinner than actually during it, lol.

Night! ♥


evilevilevil said...

is there an online database for those calorie values or are those educated approximations?

great pics, by the way :)