December 16, 2007

rmax's 'surprise' dinner

My mom put up the Christmas tree this weekend. It is freaking eight feet tall (almost).

It really didn't look that tall when we were picking it out, maybe because the tree lot was outdoors.
I think the bows are adorable.

Left at around 5:30 to head to Neil's for Rmax's surprise birthday dinner (which he probably knew about already, therefore making it not really a surprise).

There was so much delicious Sri Lankan food!

Cashew curry, dal (lentils), chicken, eggplant, shrimp, papadam, rice.

Kyle, Isa (who got into Yale, btw! yay!), and Kaba

Rmax, Chrissy, me looking retarded

I ate way too much.

Birthday cake for Rmax!
"It's tiramisĂș," said Neil, but it tasted like chocolate.

Rmax prepares to blow out the candles.

Neil, Kyle, Isa, Rmax, Kaba, me, Laura, Chrissy

Neil got to show off his brownie (mix)-baking, fudge-making, cake-assembling skillz.
Everything was really good =]

Really good tea with milk! We tried to watch Neil's pirated Superbad, but he downloaded the wrong version and it was such bad quality.

On the bright side, Rmax's mom had party favors for everybody -- hemp bracelet kits!

Everybody went home before 9 because nobody had done their homework (me included).
So I'ma get started on that now.

Night! ♥