December 31, 2007

new year's eve and college apps

We're heading over to Shi Buo Buo's (tenth uncle) house tonight, so I need to turn in my Yale app before then. Plus all my remaining colleges (besides Pomona) are EST. Ughh.
EDIT (5:16 PM) I'm not applying to Yale -- their supplement is a b*tch.

Breakfast 400

Fresh papaya, homemade cheesecake (isn't it beautiful?), two bowls of Fiber One honey clusters

Afternoon snacks 80

Orange, tea egg

Lunch 80

Huge pot of chicken noodle soup with celery and carrots

More afternoon snacks 200

Carrot sticks, another slice of homemade cheesecake (mmm), sweet red cherries

Total as of 4:20 PM 760

Dinner 500

Hot pot! Perfect for a cold winter night.
Green leaf lettuce, napa cabbage, baby spinach, beef, lamb, tofu, shrimp, clams, salmon, dong gu mushrooms, beef balls, shrimp balls, golden mushrooms, bean sprouts

Post-dinner munchies 370

Strawberries, strawberry puff pastry, pistachio wedding cookie (some Greek desserts Jimmy got at Costco)

Linda's 26th birthday cake -- mocha mousse -- and champagne and orange juice for New Year's toasts

Strawberry, cherries

Total 1630
So, instead of staying under 1400 as I'd originally planned, I went over 1600 ... so I'm one-fourteenth of the way to canceling out that crepe last night. 650 to go!