December 30, 2007


Breakfast 200

Two bowls of Fiber One honey clusters with milk

Lunch 500

Church food!
Beef and qing cai (baby bok choy), eggplant, rice, green tea nougat candy

Afternoon munchies 400

Kid's Pack from Century Theaters (Amanda and I watched Juno, which was really good): kettle corn, sour patch rope and red cherry Icee
Nordstrom café mocha

Dinner 700

We had Ethiopian food at this tiny place in Berkeley called Finfiné. It shared space (in an alley called The Village) with a bunch of other restaurants -- we were originally going to have Korean food, but the place was closed for New Year's. I'm so glad we decided to go to Finfiné -- the place was warmly decorated, and there were fresh flowers at the table in these adorable vases. It's family-owned so it was really homey and nice. We (me, Jimmy and Amanda) all ordered the Ethiopian tea -- it was spiced water (vaguely chai-tasting) served with a bag of Lipton and sugar. Delish.

We ordered the vegetarian combo, which you can see all around the platter, beg wet (lamb) and a chicken dish. It was served on, and with, injera, spongy, sourdoughy bread for dipping and eating. So good -- I ate so much!

Dessert! 700

Damn it, I need to learn self-control. After that huge dinner I polished off a ginormous banana nutella crepe. It was glorious.

Total 2500
I totally splurged today. It's okay -- I'll make up for it tomorrow and aim for around 900.

In the church bathroom. I was bored, okay?

♥ Tiff


Lisa said...

mhmmm that food looks so yummy. and i loved ur description of the restaurant! it sounds really cute.