December 28, 2007

elephant bar

Breakfast 500

Tea egg, gummy vites, two huge bowls of lean pork and century egg congee


Afternoon snacks/Lunch 500

Gnu flavor & fiber chocolate brownie bar, Trader Joe's sample of tandoori naan with curry yogurt sauce, chao nian gao with Taiwanese cabbage

Cheesecake batter, something like five cups of cabbage (don't ask), roasted butternut squash fries (mmm)

Dinner 400

The cousins and I went to Elephant Bar.
Appetizers: chicken lettuce wraps, salmon tempura roll
Entree: tofu pad thai (which didn't taste anything like pad thai)

Post-dinner munchies 350

Teacake Bake Shop chocolate sour cream cupcake with chocolate buttercream (I don't like buttercream, but the cupcake was heaven), two slices of homemade cheesecake

Total 1750