December 24, 2007

where's my scarf?

Food from yesterday, December 23.

Breakfast 280

Papaya, half of a pineapple bun, Viactiv calcium chew


Lunch 400

Gai lan, chicken, cha sao (BBQ pork, so good), rice, taquito (ew), candy cane, corn

Afternoon snacks 520

Trader Joe's peppermint bark, leftover veggies, clementine

Fiber One honey clusters, pineapple bun, papaya

Ube (purple yam, it's got this delicious honeyed sweetness ... mmm)

Dinner 360

Brussels sprouts, broccoli

Hai sheng (you don't wanna know), pasta and marinara

Late night snacks 80

Fuji apple

Total 1640