December 15, 2007


Damn it. I should have asked Ms. Madsen to write my college rec.

Breakfast 300

Cheerios and milk with sliced banana, fresh blueberries, walnut

Morning snack 40

Tiramisu pudding with cocoa powder

Lunch 500

Korean food! Salad, bindaetteok, bulgogi

Sundubu jjigae, side dishes, dolsot bibimbap

Afternoon snacks 200

Carrot cake muffin with cream cheese frosting, Trader Joe's mini cranberry pistachio biscotti

Dinner 400

Steamed rice, stir-fried bell peppers and edamame, scrambled eggs with shrimp

Chinese veggies, broccoli, chicken soup

Post-dinner munchies 250

Homemade tiramisu, corn muffin

Total 1690