December 21, 2007

i need to pack tonight

Breakfast 360

Multi-grain Cheerios with sliced banana, sweet sesame-walnut mix

Morning snacks 450
Practically everything was a Christmas gift.

Peppermint mocha and chocolate chip cookie from Amira

Homemade oatmeal raisin cookie, Godiva raspberry truffle from Chris Chu, spam musubi from Jill

Lunch 300

Veggie burger and applesauce from Jeke's

Dinner 350

Mushrooms and tofu, leftover half of veggie burger, chicken corn chowder

Dessert 340

Tiramisu pudding with cocoa, pineapple and cream, oatmeal raisin cookie

More pineapple, roasted almonds

Total 1800
I'm leaving for San Francisco tomorrow morning. I'm excited and nervous -- wish me luck!