December 25, 2007

christmas eve dinner

Breakfast 360

Fiber One honey clusters with milk, papaya, pineapple bun

Caramel calcium chew

Lunch 700
I was baking goodie boxes for the family, so I had to have whatever was left over in the bowls ... I can't waste food, right?

Broccoli, toasted coconut (from macaroon making), semisweet chocolate

White chocolate with crushed candy canes (from peppermint bark making), almonds, tea eggs, crushed almonds

Melted semisweet chocolate with crushed almonds, chocolate almond cluster, Fuji apple

Chocolate almond clusters

Dinner 870

My cousin Amanda cooked. I love her!
Rosemary focaccia, rice, saba (mackerel), spiced carrots, green beans, roast pork, latkes with applesauce (I had plenty of seconds, don't worry)
Banana bread pudding with vanilla custard sauce
Fresh pineapple

Post-dinner munchies 220

Violet-flavored marshmallow, banana cheesecake in phyllo with cinnamon sugar and whipped topping, chocolate almond cluster

Total 2150
Erghhh I should go running. Or do jumping jacks or something.