January 3, 2008

oak to lgb

I flew home from the Bay Area today. It always makes me sad, but what can I do?
On a brighter note, I'm going on a cruise tomorrow! I'm so excited!
Oh, and Obama and Huckabee won in Iowa!

Pre-brunch 100
I was hungry when I got up, okay? lol.

Crunchy-sweet Chinese snack biscuit-thing, baby carrots

Brunch (dim sum) 700
We went to Dong Hai (East Ocean) restaurant in Emeryville. Its major selling point is the fact that it's right by the bay, with huge floor-to-ceiling windows and breathtaking views.

Fung zao (Cantonese for phoenix talons, fancy name for chicken feet), haa coeng (rice noodle rolls with shrimp), beef tendon and honey comb (the restaurant's name for a bowl of um ... you don't want to know. But it was really good)

Char siu sou (flaky BBQ pork pastries), steamed tofu skin rolls (tender and flavorful and so good), poached baby bok choy with a soy dipping sauce (surprisingly good), flaky fried tofu skin with mushrooms

Yu wan (fish balls), dou fu hua (literally "tofu flowers," it's a super-soft and silky form of tofu that you have for dessert. Served in a sweet syrup infused with a touch of ginger. Literally melts in your mouth), daan tart (egg custard tart)

Yes, I live and breathe dim sum. What makes you ask?

Afternoon snack 130

JetBlue's sweet Georgia brownie super chocolate chunk cookies

Dinner 450

Cauliflower, bean curd, chicken, Russian soup

Rice, of course

Dessert 230

Super-sweet Fuyu persimmon, fresh pineapple

Total 1610


jill said...

tiff you are amazing. with your food blogs. i was about to let my lj die, but you've inspired me so i think i'm going to try and do this food thing you do!!!!! i hope you had an amazing break! see you monday