January 8, 2008

clinton and mccain

Hillary and McCain won in New Hampshire! I totally thought Obama would win, but I'm really glad Hillary stepped up. This is gonna be so close!

Breakfast 320

My version of Swiss bircher muesli. Oats, yogurt, raisins, chopped almonds, and cinnamon. Really good, but I got hungry really soon (like, halfway through second period).

Morning snacks 400

Fiber One peanut butter and oats bar

It was Kyong's birthday! And Neil made peanut butter cookies. Which were pretty addicting, by the way.

Lunch 280

Lean Cuisine southwest style chicken panini

Afternoon snacks 70


Dinner 600

Broccoli, stir fried edamame and green bell peppers, daikon radish

White rice porridge (no picture), chicken soup, gigantic Asian pear

Post-dinner munchies 150

Apricot Ceylon tea latte from Coffee Bean, daikon leftover from dinner

Total 1820