January 14, 2008

pinkberry mochi

Breakfast 500

Huge bowl of whole grain Cheerios and a banana, slice of chocolate marble cake (breakfast of champions, I know)

A.M. snack 60

Baby carrots

Lunch 400

Trader Joe's shrimp curry with rice, navel orange

McDonald's fries

P.M. snacks, first round 450

Seriously, Pinkberry, isn't there some sort of, like, literacy requirement for hiring people?

Medium plain Pinkberry with mangoes, blackberries and mochi (mmm), broccoli and carrot stir-fry

Dinner 400

Rice; edamame, bean curd and Chinese pickled vegetable stir-fry

Button mushrooms with green beans and garlic, pork patties with white pepper and bamboo shoots

Soup with da bai cai (Napa cabbage), fen shi (vermicelli noodles), and Chinese pickled veggies (so Shanghainese); Napa cabbage with gan bei (dried scallops)

I really don't know how to communicate how good of a cook my grandma is. It seems like a lot of veggies, and it is, but all the flavors were perfect and the whole meal was comforting and so delicious. Trust me, I have an amazing dinner every night -- I'd have this over restaurant food any day.

P.M. snacks, second round 300

Supersweet papaya

Oh, right. I also baked Funfetti cupcakes with Rainbow Chip frosting.

Originally planned on eating just a quarter of a cupcake and saving the rest for the fam.
Yeah, didn't happen.

Total 2110


Lisa said...

hahahah two rounds of snacks? niceee one. and i'm so jealous that ur gma is a good cook! im coming over!!!! (as soon as i get a car/license.) hehe

Tiffany said...

i KNOW. get a car already! i miss you!