January 16, 2008

mannie fresh

Power 106 was using this beat as background on some show when I was driving home yesterday, and I just HAD to download it. Yeah, it's kind of old school (2004), but it's so good it doesn't even matter. Mannie Fresh made the sick beat. (Um, don't listen if you don't like rap. Or Lil Wayne. End disclaimer.)

Breakfast 300

Swiss muesli with apple, oats, cinnamon, almonds and yogurt; fresh blackberries

A.M. snacks 120

Fuji apple slices, baby carrots

Lunch 260

Chicken Caesar salad wraps, Jell-O cup, curly fries from Jack in the Box

P.M. snacks 300

Kettle corn, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and carrot stir fry

Dinner 450

San bei ji, brussels sprouts, fava beans

Tofu, mu er and edamame soup; chicken, bamboo and potatoes; rice

Late P.M. snacks 370

Two cream cheese-banana turnovers, tomato with sugar

Sweet lotus seed soup, orange cranberry bread

Total 1800