January 28, 2008


Breakfast 350

Scrambled eggs, peanut butter-banana sandwich, navel orange

A.M. snacks 300

Soy milk, cabbage and tomato stir-fry, banana sandwich

Lemon tea scone with blueberry preserves

Lunch 200

Roasted tomato and garlic soup, hong sao chicken breast, navel orange

P.M. snacks 500

Butter pecan, rocky road, and cookies and cream ice creams; vanilla caramel ice cream cone

Baby carrots, Chinese dried plum, steamed pork and egg -- Chinese meatloaf?

Lemon tea scone with jam and cream (mmm), hong sao chicken

Dinner 340

Gai lan (Chinese broccoli), rou bing zhen dan, soup with tomatoes, tofu and green onion

Rice, hong sao ji with chestnuts, potato salad

Late P.M. snacks 440

Miniature tiramisu!

Grandma's nian gao (came out more like new year's muffins), carrot cake

Total 2130