January 29, 2008

cream puff overload

I made a full recipe for choux pastry (cream puff shells) and I have, like, 40 now. It's crazy.

Breakfast 340

Scrambled eggs, toast with banana slices, yogurt

A.M. snacks 120

Navel orange, baby carrots

Lunch 450

Lean Cuisine chicken garlic pizza, chicken breast, broccoli stir-fry

P.M. snacks 540

Joe-Joe ice cream sandwich, orange pulp, half an orange

Eclair filled with whipped cream, nian gao, soy glazed walnuts

Dinner 200

Steamed rice, chicken with onions

Stir-fried lettuce (SO much better than raw), mushroom soup

Dessert 600

Chocolate mousse, Fuji apple, ice cream sandwich

Total 2250
GOD am I stuffed. I am so done for tonight. ♥