January 10, 2008

in philly, boston or baltimo'

Just finished up a week's worth of musical rehearsal. (I can't decide if it's fun or boring. Hmm.)

John Mayer - "Say"

Breakfast 370

Another muesli. I grated an entire apple for this one, and added oats, plain yogurt, milk, raisins, almonds, and cinnamon.
It was beyond delicious. And -- amazingly -- I was full until halfway through 5th!

Lunch 240

Lean Cuisine grilled chicken primavera (mmm), McDonald's mocha

Afternoon snack 20

White peaches from the Fresh and Easy on Foothill

Dinner 340

Fava bean dip (addictingly good), edamame with dried daikon radish, some vegetable (Chinese broccoli?)

Sou si ji, bai zhou (white rice porridge, Chinese comfort food)

Post-dinner munchies 650

Butter pecan ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream, naked orange

Mini corn muffin, freshly baked homemade orange cranberry bread (delish)

Total 1620