January 12, 2008

michael clayton

Today was so eventatious! I'm happy.

Breakfast 300

Breakfast wrap (eggs, bell peppers, onions, salsa)

Morning munchies 370

Chocolate cupcake (from Andria), donuts to celebrate the 75th day of Prep's 75th year

Lunch 360

Lean Cuisine chicken, spinach and mushroom panini, navel orange

Afternoon snacks 700

Veggie calzone

Eight or nine cookies from the premiere of Death and the Compass (Nick and Lauren's short film)

Lisa and I went straight from school to Old Town Pasadena.

Dinner 650

We had dinner at the Afghani restaurant on Union and Arroyo Parkway!

Appetizers: aushak, mantu

Ignore my fug.

Salads, lemon (for Lisa's classy water), challaw kadu

Afghani bread, badenjan challaw

Dessert 100

Peppermint candy, samples from 21 Choices -- boysenberry crush, butter almond toffee (the best one), Nestle's Crunch bar (pictured)

And yes, then we watched Michael Clayton. I really liked it!

Total 2480
I really, really need to decrease my cookie consumption. 1480 tomorrow, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and I'll be evened out.


Lisa said...

SUCH a fun day! we should definitely do that more often. and yes...i like lemons in my water. hahaha the food was good. i wanna go back to try the kabobs!