January 13, 2008


Oh, my gosh, the weather is glorious. And it's the middle of January. I love southern California!

Brunch 500

Breakfast wrap with eggs, onions, bell peppers and salsa, orange cranberry bread, gigantic Asian pear

Afternoon snacks 670

Soy-sesame eggplant, pork patties

Pumpkin pie, homemade chocolate marble cake, more pumpkin pie

Dinner 260

Sauteed lettuce (so much better tasting than a salad), fava bean ... um ... pate?

Edamame with xian cai (Chinese salted veggies), pork sung, and rice congee

Dessert 270

More chocolate marble cake (it's really good), brownie

And to balance out ... tomato wedges sprinkled with sugar, clementines

Total 1700