January 20, 2008

asian expoo

Deep breath. I ate so much food today.

Recipe - Chinese Leek Box

EDIT January 26, 2008 ^ I found this slideshow online about how to make 'leek boxes' -- it's so complicated looking!

Breakfast 400

Soymilk, BBQ pork bun, vegetable bun, Fuji apple

A.M. snacks 150

Chocolate souffle cake and eggroll-like things

Lunch 400

Honey-glazed carrots, Fuji apple, red bell pepper slices

Pre-Expo snacks 200

Asian Expo! 1450+

So cute!

Chinese leek boxes (jiu cai he zi) are one of my favoritest foods ever.

Post-Expo munchies 540

Plus ... 500
Veggie dumpling and six banana-oatmeal cookies

Total 3640
I am a fatty. Deal with it.


Lisa said...

One word...WOW! asian expo??? that sounds like so much fun! And I can't believe that you made the leek thing. i loveee those and they're really healthy (minus all the carbs). Lovin the blog! <3

Tiffany said...

omg, i definitely didn't make them -- they're SO difficult! but i love them tooo