January 17, 2008

funfetti cupcakes

Breakfast 250

Swiss muesli (apples, oats) topped with Greek yogurt and chopped almonds, half a grapefruit

I was charging my camera battery and I forgot to put it back in the camera ... sighh.

A.M. snacks 200

Trader Joe's Olive Oil, Garlic and Feta soy crisps; mini Twix (no picture)

Lunch 300
Lean Cuisine roasted chicken with lemon pepper fettuccine, Fuji apple slices (no pictures)

P.M. snacks 270

Kettle corn, brownie (no picture), Fig Newton minis (so cute!), gai lan (Chinese broccoli), brussels sprouts

Dinner 320

Three-mushroom stir-fry with peas and bamboo shoots, soup with tomatoes, mu er, tofu and edamame

Ginger braised beef stew, rice

Late P.M. snacks 360

Banana chocolate strudel (like a banana nutella crepe ... mmm)

The other half of the grapefruit from this morning, sweet lotus seed soup, vanilla caramel ice cream cones (2)

Total 1700