January 27, 2008

sexy can i

Oh, my gosh. Guess who is totally on the ball today and has a video AND an mp3 for y'all?! That's right, yours truly.
So whether you want to visually enjoy Ray J in his fly-ness (ignore Yung Berg) ...

... or just enjoy sonically while you peruse my food log for today ...

Ray J featuring Yung Berg - "Sexy Can I"

... it don't matter. Just listen!

Breakfast 470

Ground walnuts, Mexican tamale pie, chocolate chip cookie

Red bean bun, grapefruit

A.M. snack 350

Chocolate chip cookies, cabbage-tomato stir-fry

Sweet chestnuts, seafood egg drop soup with tilapia, shrimp, peas and tofu

Lunch 160

Cabbage-tomato stir-fry, hong sao chicken with chestnuts, ti pang soup with daikon, rice (durh)

P.M. snacks 360

Soynut butter cookie, grapefruit, almond cookie

Wheat Thins with Laughing Cow Swiss, baby carrots

Dinner 600

Porridge, pork sung, hong sao chicken with chestnuts

Seafood egg drop soup, ti pang soup, braised hong sao chicken breast

Chocolate-orange cake, navel orange

Total 1940