January 30, 2008

mocha almond mousse torte

Breakfast 460

Toast with bananas, cottage cream, and peanut butter; veggie bun; navel orange

A.M. snacks 30

Trader Joe's sample -- some kind of sausage

Lunch 310

Lean Cuisine spinach and mushroom deep dish pizza

P.M. snacks 500

Raspberries with yogurt, ice cream sandwich, cashews

Huang ya cai (Chinese veggies) with gan bei (the. best. stuff. everr), cucumber salad

Dinner 500

We went to Mimi's Cafe (I'd never been there) and I had the petite filet mignon with pesto garlic butter -- so cute!

Late P.M. snacks 400

I made a mocha almond mousse torte for G-pa's birthday. Came out pretty yummy!
Oh, I also had a buttload of rocky road ice cream. Just FYI.

Total 2200