January 21, 2008

pushup to plank

I always feel so good after I work out. During, not so much. :)

Janet Jackson - "Feedback"

This song takes a couple listens. OK, I lie -- it takes like a dozen. But after the 12th time it gets really good and catchy.

Breakfast 540

Kix, banana, honey nut O's (Trader Joe's)

Frozen hot chocolate, navel orange, snack biscuit

P.M. snacks 120

Sliced tomato with sugar, maple-butter glazed carrots

Dinner 500

Chicken with soy sauce, green onions and garlic, baby bok choy, soup with bai ye bao, fried rice

Dessert 320

Phyllo nests with Bavarian cream (pastry and whipped cream blend), sliced bananas and cocoa syrup

Tasted like banana cream pie -- so good!

Taste-tested Grandma's tea eggs

Total 1480
1200 for four days. I can so do this.