January 22, 2008

heath was a hottie

heath ledger
Dang, I can't believe Heath Ledger's dead. He was only 28! Aghh it's crazy. Super sad too, especially for Michelle Williams -- they had a baby girl together!

Breakfast 200

Creamy Swiss muesli with apples, cinnamon, oats, almonds, and Greek yogurt

A.M. snacks 260

Fuji apple slices, Kix

Navel orange, chocolate from Mr. Romano

Lunch 430

Chocolate wafer cookie from Amira, lasagna (so good), Laughing Cow Swiss with Wheat Thins

P.M. snacks 40

Dark chocolate

Dinner 400

Creamy dreamy egg drop soup with peas, pork, onions and potatoes; cauliflower-carrot saute; tea egg

Steamy rice, braised beef

Dessert and such 500

Mini cream puffs (I made them! The pate a choux didn't puff up as nicely as they could have, but after I filled them with Bavarian cream they came out amazing), sliced kiwi, banana muffin

Chocolate-orange cake, tea egg

Total 1830
Erghh. I still have 1700 to make up. Okay ... 1400 for 5 days?