February 25, 2008

the amber spyglass

Breakfast 450

Swiss muesli (apple + oatmeal) with raisins, yogurt and sliced almonds; banana mini muffin; brownie bite (not pictured); grapefruit

Lunch 350

Subway six inch roast beef sub with Swiss, Trader Joe's Everything Pretzel Slims (thanks Laura!)

Early P.M. snacks 80

Beef jerky (thanks Chrissy!)

Dang, I'm such a moocher. I love you all! ♥ Thanks mucho!

Dinner 400

Cha ye dan (tea eggs), kong xing cai (literally, open-heart veggie)

Juan cai cau rou (cabbage stir-fried with pork), stir-fries (potatoes), corn chowder

Post-dinner snacks 260

Navel orange, sau mai (or siu mai, with ground pork and sticky rice)

Chocolate-slivered almond clusters, almond cookie

Post-8 snacks 240
Corn chowder, tomato sprinkled with sugar, frozen banana

Total 1780
Workout - Crunch: Pilates Yoga Blend / Eating after 8 - Yes