February 24, 2008


Brunch 900

Banana mini-muffins (3), strawberry-banana smoothie (yum)

I made pancakes!
Whole-wheat pancakes (3) with maple syrup, whipped cream and strawberry compote

Brownie bites (2), grapefruit

Early P.M. snacks 550

Banana mini-muffins (2), xian sui ya (duck), orange

Candy cane Joe-Joe, steamed tilapia with soy sauce

Green tea pumpkin seeds, Jacques Torres dark chocolate-covered cherries

Dinner 350

Hong sau pork with hard-boiled eggs, bamboo shoots, fava bean mash

Edamame and Chinese picked cucumber stir-fry, pork chops, corn chowder with mushrooms, peas and carrots

Desserts 160

Fudgsicle, Fuji apple

Post-8 P.M. snacks 170
Navel orange, nian gao

Total 2130
Workout - Jillian Michaels: Cardio Kickbox, Pick Your Level: Weight Loss Pilates / Eating after 8 - Yes